it's Just Me

Hi, thanks for stopping by. I currently reside in the San Francisco Bay Area and am a product design lead. I've been in the industry for over 12 years and worked in small and large companies. Some of the brands I've worked on include Walmart, AT&T, Hotwire, Coca-cola, Pizza Hut, Lowes, United Healthcare, and Dallas Cowboys.

I am a fan of simple design. Some products that come to mind are the Nest Thermostat, original iPod, TGT Wallet, Slack, Flipboard, and Siri.

I'm a self-taught coder. I’ve had the opportunity to design and build entire websites, learning systems, flash games, and online tracking tools. But now, I mainly use coding for prototyping and experimentation. My interest in code also got me tinkering with Arduino and open source hardware. I used what I learned to create a Smart Collar prototype for a hackathon project. I also have a few other small projects that I'll share once completed. 

I am also an avid runner. I enjoy trail running, marathons, and have traveled across the country to find the best races. You can view a visual graphic I created for documenting my 2010 running experience. I'm searching for the next big race, so if you have any ideas, let me know. 

You can find my professional bio on Linkedin